Time to Take Our Words Back

OK. I know that I am being picky here, but I can’t help it. Frankly, I am ticked.

I have been stolen from and I am not going to take it anymore!

Not sure what I am going to do about it, but I am not a happy puppy.

I am mad that the language of God keeps getting taken over by the enemy. There are – or should I say were – perfectly good words that I now can’t say as a Christian.

For instance, I am old enough to remember when you said that you were gay it meant you were happy, not describing your sexual preference. Gay is what you used to feel like when you walked in the joy of the Lord. The enemy has robbed me and I don’t like it.

Here is another one – channeling. Why does only eastern swarmi gurus get to use this word. They didn’t come up with the concept. My God did. He breathed into Adam at His creation and He has been speaking through man ever since. Every time I prophesy I am channeling the Holy Spirit. How sad is it when the new agers are learning to channel and Christians are told that God doesn’t speak through them anymore?

Here’s another one that really aggravates me – New Age. How did Christians get robbed of this word? We’re the ones that are supposed to be bringing in God’s Kingdom into the earth. If this isn’t a new age I don’t know what is. Do we really want the age to come prophesied by eastern mystics? I know I don’t. I want the real Kingdom new age to happen.

I could go on, but I don’t want to bore you. So I will end with this one. Who created the rainbow? Give me a break! Now if I display a rainbow bumper sticker on my car, I am immediately identified with either Jesse Jackson’s racial equality agenda or some nirvana karma thing. It’s just not right. My God came up with this and I want it back!

I am going to start my own protest. It’s time to reclaim our words. From now on I am thinking about introducting myself as a ‘gay channeller for the new age that likes rainbows’.

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