Is the American Church on Steroids?

Yes, this is an article about the American church and not baseball. But with all of the news about athletes taking steroids in the news, I seriously think the church might be taking steroids. Think about it.

Why would the church take steroids? Why do athletes take steroids? Self-promotion, ambition, to become big at all costs. Hmmmm……

As we know, the negative effects of steroids eventually catch up with the athlete.

Athletes that take steroids see their reproductive organs shrink. Hmmm…I’m thinking.

Athletes that take steroids do it to make their body – their outside – look good but their heart is developing major problems. Hmmm…What was the first commandment? I think I heard a sermon on that once.

Athletes that take steroids end up with damaged joints. Hmmm….who is that sitting in the pew beside me? What was their name?

Athletes that take steroids develop a mentality of unreasonable expectations. How many church leaders have heard this one, “I know there are 23 programs in the church but I need one more for my need”!

Athletes that take steroids damage their physical eyes. Have you heard this one in the church? We don’t want the prophetic gifts because they run people off. Hmmm…no prophetic…no see into the future.

Athletes that take steroids focus mostly on the short term gain. Tomorrow? We will worry about that…well…tomorrow.

Strange blog, I know. Why did I write this? If you or your church feels the pressure to be big and good looking because the fans love big and good looking, get off the steroids.

That’s all for now, the pain is too much for me to continue writing. Going through withdrawal will do that to you.

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  1. what a word to think about! you are so right on about that. we are always trying to hide the inner by covering the outer. if i look good on the outside nobody can see my inside. i would like to talk more about this. thanks for your ever concern about stuff we do not think about. david

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