Trip to the Throne – Faith Fiction


“Will Grandpa die today, Mommy?”

In another state, a very old woman started crying uncontrollably as the heart monitor went flat line. Her mate, Frank, of 65 years was dead.

“Yes, dear, we expect your Grandpa to die today,” answered the young mother holding back tears thinking of her own father’s death. “He lived a long good life though. He was 86 years old last week.”

In another dimension, “Quick, open the gates. Here comes an angelic escort with a new soul!”

The gates quickly swung open and two beings appeared out of the stars (Isaiah 14:13-14).

The 20 foot tall angel standing by the gate said to the two individuals as they passed, “Welcome! Don’t be startled, but do be amazed! Your questions will be answered eventually. Escort, the Master has said to take Frank straight to the throne room. It’s time for him to meet his Lord.”

Frank was indeed amazed as he found himself whisked through the streets of heaven. They were following a river so clear it looked like crystal (Revelation 22:1). But it was not like any water on earth. It was alive. It had it’s own light and pulsated with an energy like organic beings. It glowed with…there was no way to describe it…aliveness. He felt if he could swim in it he would never have need of anything (Ezekial 471ff). He wished he had more time to observe the city that they were so quickly flying over.

Whoosh! The wind blew against him strongly as they flew into the most magnificent building he had ever seen. The wind did not prevent him from moving forward. No, it was more of an indication that they were coming into a different atmosphere.

Frank heard his escort gasp. Even the escort, who had been here innumerable times had forgotten how glorious the atmosphere was in the throne room.

Frank then realized where he was. If he had not had a new body, the glory of the place would have killed him. It was power and aliveness everywhere. The light was unmeasurable. It was not like light on earth. It was pure. So pure you could almost see the individual photons. When the light hit your body you glowed and felt new strength. It was alive.

As Frank, tried to adjust, he realized he was on the outer edges of a mass throng of people made up of all nations and languages. There were easily over 100 million people in this building in the most incredible sight he had ever seen (Revelation 7:9; 5:11).

Interspersed between the people were myriads of angels and various beasts whose beauty was indescribable.

At the center of the chamber, no, it was the center of the universe, were two high thrones (Isaiah 6:1). The crystal river was originating from under the thrones. He realized that on the left was Jesus who was wearing a robe of white that matched His hair. The robe filled the chamber. His throne was on fire with flames and a rainbow arched over it (Daniel 7:9; Revelation 4:3).

He immediately fell prostrate on the floor. As he did, he realized the escort was already there.

On the right was the throne of the Father. It glowed like a sapphire stone on fire (Ezekiel 1:26). The Holy Spirit in all seven manifestations were before the throne too.

Then he heard The Voice. “Welcome, I have been waiting to meet you face to face for 86 years.”

Frank, was glued to the floor. The Voice penetrated every cell of his body. It was alive. The Voice was not just mere air waves moving through the atmosphere but organic with love as it’s life energy. He wept with joy. He was happier and felt more loved than he ever thought possible.

A few hours later he looked up from his prostrate position and saw spirits entering the throne room. They were coming in through the same door he had entered. They looked like humans but did not have bodies like his. He watched as the spirits, first one, then hundreds, then thousands, moved to the front near the thrones and started singing the most beautiful song he had ever heard.

He turned to the escort and asked, “Who are these people? Some of them remind me of friends back on earth.”

Just then The Voice spoke to the newly arrived spirits, “Welcome, it’s so good to meet you face to face again.”

“Some of them are your friends,” responded the escort.

Frank was bewildered, “did they just die? Why do they not have a resurrected body like me? They seem so at home here and worship God just like us.”

The escort looked at Frank with compassion, “No, they are not dead.” He paused, then continued, “They are the spirits of Christians who have learned to worship God now and meet Him face to face before they die.”

John 4:23a Yet a time is coming and has now come when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth…

A fictional story based on Biblical truth

Categories: Faith Fiction

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