Spiritual Ice Age

“Hectarus, come here now,” ordered the king!

Hectarus approached the throne with much fear. He wasn’t often called into the throne room and when he was it never went well. No one ever had a pleasant experience there.

“Yes, my Lord,” replied Hectarus. Bowing low to the ground, he asked, “how may I serve you?”

“What took you so long to get here?”

“I came as fast as I could fly, my Lord. It takes a few seconds to come from half way around the world,” Hectarus replied.

“Don’t be sarcastic with me,” the king screamed as his fist landed on Hectarus’ face.

The king bellowed with rage, “the temperature is rising in Northwest Georgia. Whyyyyy??”

The floor was growing wet from the perspiration drops falling from Hectarus’ brow. Tension, anxiety, fear, and sulfur smell filled the room. He knew as regional prince over Northwest Georgia he had a problem. He now knew that his lord also knew. He had thought he had managed to hide the problem from the lord’s spies. He now wasn’t sure about how to respond without being broken into many pieces.

Hectarus remembered that it was only a few years ago that he was assigned this position. Whether or not he stayed on – or even stayed alive – depended on him keeping the spiritual temperature of the region below freezing. His current position was one many other princes were vying to get. It was probably one of them who gave the bad news to the king.

Hectarus knew where the heat was coming from but didn’t want to answer.

“Lord, we have everything under control. The spiritual glacier over the region is not threatened at all. Its only a minor temperature variation. Our ice units are all over the region. The temperature will not get above freezing,” Hectarus replied shaking visibly. He knew this was a weak answer and wouldn’t be accepted.

King Satan roared with rage, “that area has been in a spiritual ice age for decades and only on your watch has there been these heat ups. 3 of them to be exact in less than 5 years!”

Satan stood up and ordered his guards to start torturing the prince to where he almost lost consciousness. He continued, “tell me what is the problem and what are you going to do about it or else I will send you to hell early!!”

Not wanting to look out of control, Hectarus continued to downplay the problem, “Your almighty, it’s only a little church of no significance. We will have them subdued very soon. They have done this little youth thing twice before and we have effectively shut it down every time. This time will be no different.”

Hectarus reeled backwards from the king’s slap across his face. The pain was unbelievable and his insides were spread out across the whole throne room. The king roared, “how did you ever get out of basic bondage school with thoughts like that! Bondage 101 says that all of our coldness can never be undone by numbers! Heat is only created when the presence of God is around! I ought to kill you now! You have allowed the presence of God to enter the glacier!”

Hectarus could hardly talk now because of the pain. “Don’t worry my Lord. We will do what we did the last two times. It will reduce the heat back to frozen. It always works. Our ice units are on it as we speak. We are executing basic bondage maneuver 101 now – “Attack the Enemy’s Unity on Two Fronts”.

We are trying to get them to focus on the problems in others and cause a divide. We are also working on stopping their intimacy in intercession with the enemy king. Don’t worry, they will lose their unity both ways soon and the cold temperature will be restored.

To the relief of Hectarus, the king sat down. He looked straight into Hectarus eyes. The evil coming from the king’s eyes were more than he could handle. The king in a very low voice simply said, “if this doesn’t work then you will be the one that burns. Now go.”

As Hectarus crawled out of the throne room, his malevolent lord asked one more question, “what do they call this little youth program?”

Hectarus turned white – or as white as a dark demon can. He spoke softly over his shoulder, leaving as quickly as he could go, because he didn’t want to hear the response, “Furnace.”

A fictional story based on Biblical truth

Categories: Faith Fiction


  1. Craig,

    I don’t know where all of this stuff came from….
    But it is AWESOME!!
    The writing and story had me captivated! Good stuff!
    Good job!!

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