The Gift of a Voice

I like prophets.  There.  I said it.

It feels good to come out of the closet. I have been a closet prophet lover all of my life.

I know most people want to be friends with a prophet like they want to see the dentist. But not me. Prophets are some of my best friends.

I don’t know if something traumatic happened in my childhood that made me this way or not. Until recently I didn’t even know what a prophet was. But as I look back I always hung around people who had the calling of a prophet. Strange, I know. It gets worse.

I pray for more prophets … All the time.

We do have a dress code at our church. Sorta. Prophets have to be modest. No camel hair loin cloths (Matthew 3:4).

Also, when they go to lunch with me and my family they can’t order locusts to eat. Have you ever smelled fried locusts? I live in the South – everything is fried. I don’t like prophets that much.

Why do I like hanging around prophets? I finally figured it out. It’s their voice. Think about it? What do prophets actually do? I’m a little fuzzy on all that they do, because I am not a card carrying prophet. They won’t let me in to their monthly association meetings to find out.

I actually paid the Whitfield County Prophet’s Association dues one year and tried to fake my way into their meeting. Guess what happened? They knew. Lesson learned – you can fake out pastors and evangelists. You can’t fake out prophets. God likes to tell them things. Take it from me, don’t try to go to one of their monthly association meetings if you aren’t invited. It’s not a pretty picture.

But what do they do? They don’t preach. They say a few sentences and then this hush comes upon everyone. It really messes up what the bulletin says is suppose to happen next.

They rarely write books. When they do, they usually don’t sell well.

They don’t make good counselors, because most people want their locusts with lots of chocolate on them. If you haven’t noticed, there are no Biblical references to Prophets eating locusts with chocolate.

Prophet’s do voices. To be more accurate – one voice. John the Baptist, who announced Jesus’ arrival, is described in Isaiah 40:3 as, “A voice of one calling: “In the desert prepare the way for the LORD; make straight in the wilderness a highway for our God.” John was being the voice of God.

I love hanging around prophets. Their voice – their gift to me and the church – is stating what is on God’s heart. They are the mouthpiece. The true prophet’s voice speaks God’s thoughts and is one of the best gifts in my life.

The voice frees me from my past and points me to my destiny.

What better gift is there? Why do people run from prophets like they have leprosy? Why do church leaders push them down and try to make them behave? I’m not really sure. Honestly. I want to be free from any part of my past that is holding me back. The voice is like a knife that cuts junk off of me. I want to know all the insight I can get to walk in my destiny. I crave God’s voice in whatever way I can hear it.

I want to modify what Dr. Spock would say on the old TV Series Star Trek. “May prophets live long and prosper.”

Invite a prophet over to dinner this week. You can eat the locusts with honey.

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  1. That can be a difficult one to asnewr. I have come to believe that the overall message of the Bible is to love. To love in a deeply caring and compassionate way as opposed to a possessing, controlling, or manipulative way.Someone helping another, for example, out of sheer compassion and concern for another’s physical, mental, even Spiritual suffering, is probably doing God’s will. Any other motive has to be questoned: Is this what I want, or what God wants? Can I be sure? If this works, who benefits? Am I being loving and compassionate, or arrogant and judging? Whose comfort and happiness is being served here, his/hers or mine? Am I following God’s law of compassion, forgiveness, non-judgement, and selfless love? We may never be sure we’re right, but perhaps acting, or speaking, out of no-strings-attached love is better than not acting or speaking at all.The true prophet is loving, kind, generous, forgiving, compassionate but above all REALISITIC and HONEST. That’s what makes it hard! And why prophets are often unpopular.

  2. Good comments! Thanks Dogukan.

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